Cabbing Machine

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A cabbing machine, also known as a cabochon machine or cabbing unit, is a specialized tool used in lapidary work to shape and polish gemstones into cabochons. Cabochons are gems that have a smooth, rounded convex top surface and a flat or slightly domed bottom surface.

The cabbing machine typically consists of a horizontally rotating lap or wheel that is coated with abrasive material. It may have multiple wheels of different grits to facilitate the shaping and polishing process. The machine is equipped with adjustable features such as speed control and water supply to enhance efficiency and precision.

Cabbing machines allow lapidary enthusiasts to perform a range of operations on gemstones, including shaping, grinding, smoothing, and polishing. Here are the primary steps involved in cabbing:

Cabbing machines offer several advantages for lapidary work:

However, it's important to note that cabbing machines require proper safety precautions. Eye protection, gloves, and following manufacturer instructions are essential to ensure safe operation.

Overall, cabbing machines are valuable tools for lapidary enthusiasts, enabling them to create stunning cabochons from rough gemstones and unleash their creativity in the world of gemstone crafting.