Geological Hammers and Kits

Anything you buy using the below links helps keep things going. I appreciate your business.

Hammer #1

If you're looking for a great hammer with a pick, this seems to be the best one I've found.  Hammers aren't exactly high tech so I don't have much to say except that this one will last.

Hammer #2

This is the second-best hammer. Quality wise it is the same as the #1 choice, except that its a bit shorter, which means you'll get less power out of it.

Hammer Kit #1

If you're looking for a fun kit then this one checks quite a few boxes. I'd personally suggest buying the items individually if you're looking for quality, but this is a great bang for your buck if your just starting out or wanting it as a gift.

Hammer Kit #2

This kit comes with a lot of stuff. I don't think the spade looks like it'll last long, but just like the #1 kit, it would make a great gift or starter set.