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Below are a bunch of products related to the hobby. There isn't any markup for any of the affiliate links you use, but it does help me keep things going, and I appreciate your business. I'll try and keep the products up to date and make sure that the best stuff is posted, but make sure to read the product page before you buy in case the seller changed anything (especially for the UV safety glasses).

If you have any items that you think should be on here but aren't, go to the contact me page and send me a message.

Use these to help find rocks with special properties you couldn't find otherwise. These are great if you're down at Lake Superior looking for yooperlites!

While these are no longer the most popular rockhound tools (now behind the flashlights) they are still great for anyone who isn't afraid to get their hands dirty.

A rock tumbler is essential for any rockhound. Get one of these to turn any rough stone into a smooth one. Don't forget to get some grit if you don't buy a kit!

Cabbing machines  shape and polish gemstones into smooth cabochons with precision. Essential tool for lapidary enthusiasts.